We introduce you our footsteps of walking with Ginseng for the last 20 years.
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    • 2000days Korean red ginseng is…
      It is premium brand of 6-year-old
      Korean red ginseng products cultivated
      with devotion for 2,190 days
    • JECSCO is…
      It is our representative brand of
      Korean ginseng products, currently exporting
      to 26 countries in the world.
    • Dr. Shin Korean Black Ginseng is…
      License No.1 of the Black Ginseng in Health Functional Foods
      It is Dr. Shin Korean Black Ginseng qualified in professionalism, safety, and reliability.
  • CI(Corporate Identity)
    1. Abbreviation of 高麗人蔘硏究 (株)
    2. the sun and the sky
    3. the earth
    4. Shape of Korean ginseng
    5. Health, Nature, Green and Purity
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