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  • What do you really that women, breast cancer get the red gin…

    In conclusion, red ginseng is you can take the peace of mind to suppress the proliferation of breast cancer cells. red ginseng by facilitating the secretion of the female hormone estrogen.Valid for menopause, but mistakenly known that cause breast cancer by proliferative breast cancer cells. There is no scientific basis for this. In other words, women


    Ask anything - Source - plain red ginseng. (a Doctor of Pharmacy wired bakjjongdae).

  • Good for women?
    Boys, girls, both advisable to have health supplements, and pay one's on an ad type that can be promoted as a headquarters functionality is as follows.

    - from children to old people with weak energy and energy (a tonic).

    - lack of nutrients throughout the body from children to old people (Jayang).

    - Essence of mind and body, one's innate vigor and from child (restorative) up to the elderly, lack of energy.

    - from children to old people who want to promote immune systems.

    - illness, who during recoveries.

    - if you find you need a strong and vibrant life.

    - lack of vitality, youth and students.

    - Anybody want a healthy lifestyle.


  • Red ginseng concentrate on who should not be?
    People of all ages and useful, and encourages intake for adults and under the age of 15 1/2, rejuvenation, Jayang soya sauce, soy sauce, and help on strengthening the immune system functions in a serious disease.It is recommended to follow the instructions of the doctor.


  • Red ginseng is to fake medicines over the long term?

    Red ginseng concentrate is standard scientific process by the cold extraction fat-soluble and water-soluble components of as red ginseng concentrate. the saponin, and Total extraction, such as enrichment of products (total.Saponin product to acute intoxication, subacute, health functional food poisoning test through a very safe. Therefore, yes,

  • Red ginseng powder and absorption of red ginseng concentrate…
    * In powder or taking to the great trade for families : red ginseng powder mill facility is inconvenient to, powder and boil drinking water as a solvent, at home is inconvenient for that use.Boil water, not scientific, trade and boiled in harmful ways, as saponin destroyed all the important active ingredient.


  • The difference between ginseng in other countries?
     Goryeo ginseng has benefits in terms of the seoyangsam of the United States, compared to the junggukssam is being recognized by the world. Sambo growth due to the six months or so, long term growth is other countries too.


  • Red vs. White Ginseng is the difference between?

    Red ginseng is not skin side down and fresh ginseng into steam and dry after jeungsuk, white ginseng skin side down by solar or wave as it is dry, white ginseng you do is put.Is called a dried ginseng with skin. This is the expiration date extension, or microorganisms and enzymes such as the long-term retention purposes from yeonjangha the expiration date.